The Permission Seeking Task

I planned to start a blog a week back, but I was waiting for the right time. The right time when I can approach my mom and ask her permission!
Yesterday in the afternoon, I sat next to my mom. She was in a very ‘happy’ mood and we started our usual talk about how most of the teenagers nowadays do crazy and funny stuff. (Yes I’m very open with my mom)
I knew that this was my golden opportunity.

I slowly asked her, “Mom, I want to start a blog.”
This was Mom’s reply : What is a blog?
I knew she was gonna ask me this. So I had the explanation ready.

Now explaining took a good while. After finishing she had another question.
“If blogging means writing about yourself, then what is twitter? Isn’t it the same? Why do you want to join two sites that do the same? “

(Yes. This was my reaction)

I went on to explain her AGAIN. Then I asked her whether she was content. She said she was, but I knew she was still a bit confused!
In the end, she said YES!! And of course I was on ‘Cloud Nine’ as she doesn’t give me permissions regarding the internet so easily.

So hello to everyone reading this. This is my official (or unofficial – depends upon you) blog. I’m gonna try to be as regular as possible with my updates, as I love to annoy people (which now includes you).
I’m quite mature for a 16 year old, but I love to act the opposite sometimes.
Currently I have returned to my homeland, so I’ll be sharing the disastrous and wonderful incidents that happen to me.
I’m the sensible one in my friend circle, always giving advises to everyone. I’m full of good manners. (I think you can get that from this blog, as I had to take permission to start my blogging adventure) 


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