Why is my career everyone’s concern?

When there are only about 2 years left for you to leave high school and join the university, you are pounded with questions by anonymous people. These questions are related to the career path we plan to choose. The same thing is happening to me now.

When various family members enter my house they don’t greet me the casual way. Instead they greet me by asking, “What are you aspiring to be in the future?”
I must admit, I knew this day will come and actually when I was young I looked forward to this day. I remember jumping around telling everyone who came to the house about the profession I would take up in the distant future. And yes, the next month if they decided to show up, my profession would’ve changed.
I was a kid. Don’t judge me.

But now when the ‘most anticipated’ days of my life have arrived, it is getting on my nerves.
There are relatives whom I never knew existed and these people come up to me and ask what have I got in store for my future! The only thing going on in my mind at that very moment is I don’t even know you. I think that is mutual. So why do you even care?

Okay asking about my career is somewhat tolerable, but the most irritating part is when these so-called-relatives decide to give their oh-so-important comments about it!

Well I aspire to be a high level computer programmer. If not programming then something related to IT.

This is the way I feel a computer looks at me when I go near it!

Now this decision is totally mine. I love computers and decided I should make a career out of it. Not to mention I’m good at it too. I generally finish the computer teacher’s sentences in school and always score the highest! (I know I’m boasting here but hey, there’s no harm in appreciating what I’ve got)

But these relatives don’t understand it. Indian parents mostly want their child to either become a doctor or an engineer. So doing an engineering course isn’t a big thing here, especially computers as people end up doing that! But that isn’t my fault right?

Last week an uncle of mine asked, “You want to do computer engineering right? What’s new in that? You are so smart and get high grades all the time! Why are you wasting your intelligence or a mere four-year computer engineering course? Do something medical?”

I was quite furious and I replied, “That is just my base. After that I’ll be further studying programming. So I’m not stopping there. I want to study a lot. A minimum of 6-7 years of studying is my aim.”

You’d expect the opposite person to be quite happy for you as it isn’t quite common for a student to actually have the heart to study so much. But that wasn’t my case.
He replied, “Oh. So you think you are so smart that you’ll beat everyone in your family ancestry and study so much? What are you even thinking?”
So if I study less, no one is happy. And if I study more, then also they decide to remain unhappy?

I’m happy with what I have chosen out for my career. So are my parents. Even my grandparents are quite happy. So who are you to judge?

I just wish that someday, these people whom I don’t even know will understand. If not understand then at least stop commenting on someone’s preferences!
I’m just tired of all this! Leave me and my parents in peace and mind your own business! Please?


8 thoughts on “Why is my career everyone’s concern?

  1. This should be the first time I’ve come across someone who’s received such comments regarding engineering.
    People usually just give the stare when I mention what my plans are.

  2. Hey , not bad . Not bad , coming from someone with unbiased judgement .
    Keep posting , I guess some thanks are owed to Ishani …..

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