Missing My Chocolates

You know how teenagers today crib about their ‘relationship’ with a teenager of the opposite gender? This dating stuff is like a deadly virus that has spread to every next teen. Do you also find it weird like how I do? Kids falling in love and all, I really find it silly. Until it happened to me!!

What is it you say? You think I’m in love with a guy? How could you think that?

I’m in love, with my beloved CHOCOLATES!!

Now don’t ask me when and where it started as I can’t force my brain to recollect that. I just know that I’m lucky to have such a love in my life.
We shared the perfect love story.  Almost everyday I’d eat a bar of my favourite chocolate and occasionally the expensive one. Even if I couldn’t buy the most expensive ones on a weekly basis, I’d just watch them glisten on the stalls of the market and whisper to them that I’ll soon be back to buy them.
But every love story needs a villain. And in this case it is my native country!

My native country does not have a rich variety of chocolates. The ones easily available are Ferero Rocher and Toblerone. But it is so expensive that one can’t even think of buying them! For the other chocolates, you need to go on a Scavenger Hunt. But I can’t guarantee you that you’ll find them. You might, but you’ll have to spend your entire month’s salary (or in this case my dad’s salary) just to buy a bar. Shocking isn’t it?

I came here with a pack of Hershey’s and survived with it for a month. And now it has been nearly 5 months that I haven’t eaten a good chocolate. The local chocolates are not suited for my taste. So now I’m left with the only choice of missing them.

Now I’m gonna post some pictures of my all-time favourite chocolates. If you get tempted please realise that it is my intention to do so!

This company is amazing. This is the chocolate I ate the most. And Fruit and Nut is my favourite flavour.

My younger brother’s favourite chocolate. But I’d munch on it most of the time. Don’t tell my brother as he still asks me who used to finish his stack.

Do you know this? Of course you do! Twice in a month I’d buy this and eat it at a snail’s speed.

Do you recognize this world-famous chocolate? Of course you do. Once a month I’d eat this. If not then something is wrong with me.


My second favourite chocolate! I can go on and on about it, but right now I’m emotional so I won’t be able to do so.

Well, now is the most-awaited chocolate. I know you want to know which one is my favourite. So here goes………

This chocolate, I have no words. Its like heaven in my mouth. The joy of catching it in my hand and running to my house just to sit comfortably and enjoy every bite of it!

I’m sitting here posting these pictures and I literally have tears in my eyes! I just can’t bear this separation right now.
Well chocolates, if you are reading this, please know that I’m missing you terribly.

I know I missed out on many more chocolates. You know my condition right now, so please pardon me.

Well, this post has made me hungry. Let me go stuff myself with chocolate – chip cookies. My only substitution for chocolates!


10 thoughts on “Missing My Chocolates

  1. Awesome collection. 😀 I love Galaxy Fruit and Nuts, though I have to say Cadbury’s version of that is much better. Toblerones are delicious too!

    As for Lindt, the only bar I could not stomach was the sea salt one. I don’t think salt and chocolate go well together!

    I’m curious – what’s your native country?

    • Thank you so much 😀 Cadbury’s version is good too, but I prefer Galaxy for daily consumption!

      Haha. I din’t even think to try it. The thought just left the brain as it entered. Looks like it was a good decision!

      My native country is India. I used to live in UAE before. What an amazing country it is! Miss it so much here 😦

      • It was indeed a good decision! I had to force myself to eat it and that has never happened with any chocolate before.

        What a coincidence! I used to live in UAE too… for 19 years actually, and I miss it terribly.

        • Forcing yourself to eat a chocolate? That clearly states how bad it was. I’m thanking my decision making skills right now.
          Do you like Dark Chocolate?

          How awesome! I lived there for 16 years. Now the thought of celebrating my 17th birthday here in India is quite saddening. Where are you residing right now?

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