The Storyteller

Two days back, the electricity went off in my area due to the heavy rains occurring here.
Din’t expect the post to start like this right? Well, it did!

For the first two hours, I occupied myself with food.  Eventually I got bored and so did my mom. We decided to talk to each other for a longer time span than we did before. But within 15 minutes we ran out of topics. So we were forced to opt for the last option – my 9 year old brother.
Now he being a kid, is never bored. Every time he is in his own world where he is a Power Ranger and fights imaginary villians. Whenever he irritates us, we tell him, ‘Go fight the villains. They are attacking your room.’ Yes, you can blame us for the extent imagination!

Back to the story now. So we told him that we were bored and then he started blabbering nonsense. For once we were happy about it! At 4 pm I was lying on the bed, with my brother next to me. I told him to tell me a story and he made up a really lame one. Its a series of stories that started 2 years back. It involves a boy, an AK – 47 gun, a cow and sometimes a horse. No, I won’t tell you what the stories are!

So when he was telling me this, I was recollecting the real story that brought him to think about this fictional story. This made me think about something deep.

Every human being has a story behind them. A story that has made them who they are right now and these stories always fascinate me. I believe it is these stories that makes a person unique.
Everyone has their accomplishments, everyone has their hardships. And the story that one weaves of their life is incredibly unique and special.

The best example I can give right now is school as I still am a student. We might be in the same school and within the same age group, yet each person is so different. Everyone has achieved various things in life, and have extremely different aims for their life. They also have their own view on the obstacles and hardships that one faces. There is always a story to why they chose the path that they are following right now.

I do believe that the actions we act out right now influence our story. Whether we like it or not, it is a chapter of the book called life. And I feel that we should never forget this chapter as it captures the essence of a being at that very moment.

No one is born the way they are right now. There is always a small little tale that goes behind them. And these are sometimes the most amazing stories that you will have ever read!

I myself do have a huge story behind who I am right now. It is a chapter with quite a bit of happiness and a lot of pain. People say to forget about it, but I’m gonna hold on to it. It is a part of me whether I like it or not. And this story taught me a lesson that I shall never forget in my entire life.

As I said, every person has their own story. Life is a book and you are your own life’s author. You are free to write any story you want. And there is no one to stop you.


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