The New Teenage Trend : Dieting

I consider myself a silent spectator on Facebook. Since I’m still having my holidays, I have nothing better do. So I log on to Facebook and entertain myself with all the drama that people from my previous school post on a daily basis. Whether they know or not, I have been a part of their daily stories from quite a long time now and I may not know them, but I know everything about them.

Normally I’ll just ignore it, laugh about it or start giving advises to them (I know they can’t hear me, but that is just a habit of mine). But there are some statuses that grab my attention. Not the general grab, the I’ll-drown-you-in-your-philosophical-thoughts-and-now-you-can’t-sleep type of grab (if you know what I mean). And as the title of the blog says, its mostly about dieting.

These statuses did have a certain amount of effect on me, but the biggest effect on my thought process was when one of my best friends told me that she started dieting. And still today I’m in shock.

If you are having weight issues, or have some kind of medical reasons for doing so then I completely understand. But the reason for dieting by teenage girls is, ‘Oh I need to lose weight. I’m not thin enough’. What is wrong with you?

Recently I saw a status that said, ‘I can’t walk in a food store properly anymore. I feel so sad while passing the chocolate section. I want to eat one. But I know I’m only supposed to eat cornflakes on a daily basis’. Again I ask, what is wrong with you?

I understand that this is the phase where we go through a lot of insecurities, be it about our-self or the people around us. Jealousy is at heights and hatred is something common among everyone. But I don’t understand how dieting is the main priority! Isn’t dealing with your problems supposed to be more important than skipping your meals?

I understand the kind of dieting where you moderate your intake and start working out to reduce weight. BUT SKIPPING ALMOST EVERY MEAL OF THE DAY? How is it justified?

My friends say teenagers do it now as we don’t have anything else do to, and food doesn’t play that much of importance. We always sit in the same place and activities aren’t carried out a lot by us. I’m sorry if I may come across being rude, but I’d like to counter your belief if you also think the same.

I agree that we end up sitting in the same position for hours long. In school for nearly 8 hours and at home for endless hours.  But it doesn’t mean that no activity is being carried out! Food is an essential part of our well – being. It provides us with the energy we need. Sitting may not take up a lot of energy, but what about the travelling we do everyday to go to school? Don’t we study? Don’t we participate in extra – curricular activities? Don’t we also handle pressure? And you are telling me that food plays no role? How could you?

Food provides us the energy we need to carry out our daily routine. It provides us the nutrients we require if we need to stay healthy. It also helps in the smooth functioning of the brain. I’m not talking about something that no one knows, everyone learns this in Science class. But somehow I feel I’m the only one who remembers it.

What frustrates me more is when girls who are already so thin do it to become even more ‘slim’. Child, do you want to become invisible?

I have seen students fainting in school because they decided to skip their breakfast and have been doing so from quite a lot of time. I don’t know whether they do this by their own will, or because of social pressure. But seeing them so weak and falling ill so fast really saddens me.

I know you might be thinking why have I not told this to them personally. The fact is that I have, but they don’t listen. They tell me, ‘We know you do it too. Don’t act like you don’t. There’s no way you are so thin without skipping your meals’. They think every thin girl out there is dieting. The fact is most of us don’t!
I absolutely love food. And I can’t even think of going hungry for an hour! My friends very well know how much I eat, and my mom is tired of making food for me every 2 hours as I’m always hungry. I’m not joking, I AM ALWAYS HUNGRY. So it shocks me even more when teenagers start to diet. How could you agree to stay hungry?

It all depends upon your metabolism rate and your daily food intake. My metabolism rate is quite high, and I don’t eat a lot once. Instead I have small amounts in every few hours. I guess that’s why I’m like this?

Just be happy the way you are. You don’t need to start dieting now just because the people around are slimmer than you. You can eat healthier, or start working out but skipping your meals will never give you the answer you want. It might, but you’ll also suffer through immense weakness. Do you really want that?

So all of you out there,


2 thoughts on “The New Teenage Trend : Dieting

  1. It’s mainly due to society and peer pressure!people around us make us feel we aren’t perfect but it isn’t necessary that every perfect stuff is beautiful!

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