Global Warming At Its Best

What happens when the monsoon season is going on in a country? Of course it rains. But the past few days have been turning this belief around. Or atleast mine.

During the last 2 weeks, the rains have been incessant here. Most of the low-lying areas were flooded and movement from one place to another wasn’t possible. This isn’t something uncommon here. That’s the state of my native country every year when it rains.

Being me, I hate rain. I can’t pigeonhole a specific reason for that, but the main reason I guess would be because I’m hydrophobic. Another main reason could be because once you get wet, you’ll end up being sick. And I hate being sick as it makes me very bitter.

Now I’m not used to this weather, as I was brought up in U.A.E. Now as you know, U.A.E. is a desert, so you don’t expect rain there. So I was really happy there and obviously my friends weren’t. But things changed here, I’m the one gloomy and my friends want to be in my position and ‘enjoy’ the rain!

It rained incessantly here as I mentioned before, and the roads were a mess. It just rained so much, that even grocery shopping wasn’t possible. My mom everyday said, ‘I’ll go shopping tomorrow. Maybe the rains will calm down’. While the rains started to look really upset with us and started flooding the place even more, my dad was forced to buy grocery when he came back from work everyday. This scene of my dad bringing 2 bags of vegetables and fruits everyday made my laugh my heart out.

Everyone here was just wishing the rains would stop for a while, and the sun would bless us with its rays.

My friends and family in U.A.E. have been telling us the condition there. The record – breaking heat has been melting every human like a Popsicle.  Air Conditioners are always switched on, and going out somewhere requires a lot of thinking and planning. Well the only place where no one needs to think before going is the mall.

They were wishing for the rain clouds to show them mercy and relief them all from the heat with a shower or two. Well, they still are wishing I guess.


I know you must be thinking why did I mention this and not write anything related to the title of the post. Well, now I will write about it.

So 4 days back, the weather Gods decided to grant our wishes. That is NOT something you are granted every year. I mean in the first place, they can even hear us?

From the past 4 days, the sun has been shining extremely brightly here. All the roads have cleared up, and signs of water anywhere nearby is quite rare. Its like the sun bullied the rain clouds and told them to show up only once in a while, as it drizzled today. But anyways, everyone here is extremely happy with this sudden change of weather and obviously everyone is enjoying it too. It feels like Summer here.

4 days back I saw a status on Facebook that said it rained in U.A.E. I thought it was one of those pranks that people pull up out of nowhere, But then the status was bombarded with comments agreeing with the person. I asked my friend and she said it is true. Even on Monday it rained a bit there. It might not be the conventional rain, but all the people did get a huge relief from the ever-shining-so-bright sun. The rain clouds bullied the sun there.

So this is the effect of Global Warming on us. I only studied the effects of this phenomenon in Science class, and for the first time experienced it. And this time it did something good for both the countries.

P.S. – I know there must be something even more deeper than Global Warming that caused this, but right now I’m not interested in knowing about it. Maybe some other time we can discuss that.


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