Harsh Reality

Today we are gonna go back in time. And by that I mean my final days in UAE before coming to my native country. It does feel like a lifetime ago.

As I’m socially awkward, I don’t have many friends. When I was there I had about 10 friends and all of them were really close to me. When I got to know that I had to leave the country I was devastated, and obviously the next day I went to school and informed them. I thought they’d be devastated too, but they din’t seem so. They were just sad and told that they’ll miss me. I din’t know whether I should be happy about that or not. A few friends begged me not to go. They even spoke to my mom, and tried to convince her to drop the plan. I felt really bad, but I was happy that they actually did so just for me. (Does that make me a bad person?)

We did have many amazing events after that, and  every moment with a friend is always cherished by me. After all I do get only a handful every year. I don’t think I should miss them out!

My native country is India, and I was going to come to Mumbai. Now I hardly knew anything about this place as I never have been here before. I only heard about it from my dad, who spent a lot of his life here and I also learnt a bit of this place’s workings from 2 of my friends. One of them spent her childhood here! So obviously I felt that they were a reliable source for all the information I need about a place I never entered even in my dreams.
I absolutely love travelling, and I can adjust to a surrounding quite quickly. My hopes were high about this place and I thought I was ready for a new beginning.

During my farewell party, my friends and I made promises to each other. We promised that countries wouldn’t tear our friendship apart and we will always tell each other everything and anything. Nothing would change among us. And this was the first belief of mine that was shattered in no time when I stepped on this land.

When I came here, I did everything I could to keep in touch. I called and messaged them whenever I had the opportunity. But efforts are never successful if they are only one-sided right?
I immediately knew that what I feared for such a long time, has just happened. The people whom I considered my best friends, never really bothered about me. I was one of those type of friends who is easily replaceable. I never had my own worth among them. I was lonely.

But this had a positive side to it too. I found out my true friends. People who felt the same about me as I felt about them. People who realised my existence and appreciated me being a part of their wonderful lives. It feels really good to know that even when  people from different walks of life enter your domain, the ones who still were residing there aren’t kicked out.

Now to the next dream that was shattered, when reality broke down the wall of high hopes.

I really looked forward to staying here in Mumbai. I wanted to experience the life that almost everyone wishes to have. I knew this was a new beginning for me, but I never thought the ‘new beginning’ would be something least expected.

This place has literally driven me crazy. Crazy might be an understatement for my mental state right now.  First of all this place is nothing what I hoped! The place is so busy and polluted. I’m a freak for cleanliness. So this place  has really gotten on my nerves regarding that aspect. Then there are the trains. I had just ONE ride on the train and now I get nightmares about the local trains!
Then obviously there’s the fact that I am from a foreign country. This immediately attracts a lot of people around you. I’m tired of explaining to my neighbours about the environment and lifestyle of UAE. Sadly I’ll have to do it again and again.
How could I forget the weather? When I came here, it was extremely hot. A decent ice-cream can save your day in such cases, but this place decides to deprive me of that too! Then there is the rain. All the water-logging makes travelling even more dreadful! Then when the sun shines, mosquitoes start attacking you. They also know that we come from a foreign land and bite us more than the residents here. My body is covered with red marks all over!! Its supposed to be rainy season right now, but it doesn’t rain all the time. Sometimes its extremely hot, sometimes the place is flooded. Seriously weather Gods, make up your mind!

I live in a dream world, where everything is perfect. But as soon as I reached India my world was shattered with a hammer named reality. Almost everything I believed in was taken away from me, leaving me lonely, depressed and bored.

But there always is a good side to things. I go to know my true self, not what I was being known for from the past 5 years. I discovered the changed version of me. How different I was from what my ‘friends’ thought of me as. Sadly now I won’t be able to share this new version of me with those people, but I believe it is their loss.

This indeed is a new beginning for me. Especially when I start my new adventures very soon. I needed this reality check , regardless of the level of harshness it carried with itself.


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