It Is That Month Of The Year

Today is the first day of September, which means September has arrived.

I know you must be wondering what’s the big deal. Well, the big deal is that my birthday is in September. Hence the excitement as I’m turning 17.

So I’m one of those people who desperately  eagerly waits for their birthday. When the 1st of September arrives I’ll start the countdown to my birthday. Its not that I do anything great for my birthday, its just the very idea that there is one day in a year where people remember you and also the fact that I get loads of chocolates and a huge cake. And I don’t know why I somehow like the idea that I’m growing a year older. Maybe because I get a sense of freedom and independence?

Now this year also shouldn’t be any different, but it is. For the very first time I’m not excited for my birthday. First I thought that maybe because I have realised there is no point in jumping around the house and screaming telling everyone about it, but it isn’t.

The reason is that I already know how my birthday is gonna be, and I don’t like it. I know I’m gonna have the worst birthday I have ever had, and possibly the worst I’ll ever have, Why you may ask? Well let us now go through the reasons.

  • Studies : I know I know this is a common reason, but you must keep in mind that my conditions are way more different than you think. I’m gonna be studying so hard and coping up with the syllabus and according to me that is not the way one should spend their birthday.
  • The Celebration : Now I don’t want a grand celebration, but a little bit is also needed right? And I’m quite positive I won’t get one ’cause with whom am I supposed to celebrate? Family is there. But who else?
  • Friends : Now as per my last post, you definitely know my friend situation. Last year I enjoyed a lot with them. But this year who? I’m still recovering from the ‘losing your friends’ scenario. And here I have only one friend. Maybe I’ll get more in school, but in such short time I don’t think I’ll be making such good friends that I can call them over to eat cake. A cake should be treated with respect. Why would I give a piece of cake to someone whom I hardly know?
  • The Area : Well, my struggles here are quite evident right? In this stupid place, where am I supposed to celebrate? What is even there to celebrate here? Mumbai has made me suffer like anything, and I’m supposed to be happy just because its my birthday? Where’s the sense in that?

I know everything is very negative, but the truth is the truth. I can’t do anything about it. These are some factors that are inevitable. Its not in my hands.

On the day when I’m supposed to feel special, I’m gonna be feeling miserable. Sometimes I wish I don’t want a birthday this year. What is the point of receiving wishes telling me to be happy, while I’m pretty sure I’ll be crying?

This 17th birthday of mine is indeed gonna be bad. Only a miracle can change it around. but miracles don’t work for me. Only time will decide how right or wrong I am. Lets just hope that I’m wrong, but the chances of that happening are very scarce. Well, I’m ready for whatever will come ahead of me. I have to, I have no choice.


2 thoughts on “It Is That Month Of The Year

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