A very traumatizing two weeks

2 weeks ago, we Hindus celebrated a festival. When my family and I lived in U.A.E. we celebrated it on a small scale due to the restrictions there. Well, actually the festival isn’t as important to us as it is to the others so even here it wasn’t very grand.
Now when I came here I knew that this festival has a huge importance here in Mumbai. So I knew the celebration will also be grand. I was looking forward to see this celebration. Its an opportunity I din’t want to miss.

So the festival started on Monday (9th September). The building I live in decided to celebrate it as well, and I was quite happy. The entire building was decorated with lights. The place where the statue of God was kept looked so pretty! I was really happy that finally I’m able to be a part of this festival.

It was the third day of the festival. I was eating my snacks in the evening when I heard a blast outside. Extremely scared, I peeped out of my window. Thankfully it wasn’t a bomb blast like I thought it was, but it was the crackers that someone decided to burst. I thought, ‘Okay. So now in sometime they’ll burst some more. Its just a little so its definitely fine.’ Well to my horror once the crackers started bursting, there was no stopping them! I hate loud noise. This, was something that’s not classified as loud by me. The sounds were just…..bad.

Then arrived the fifth day. Now the fifth day is very important for most of them because that is generally the day most people end the festival. My building also decided to end it on that very day. Already knowing the fate of my ears, I told my mother that I refuse to join the journey in which we have to disperse the statue in the pond/river/sea. If from the 13th floor my condition is such, then I can’t even imagine the horror when I’m near the people! But my mother forced me and well, I had no other option.

My friend and I decided to be at the end of the crowd so that we could escape from all the drama the people were doing in the front. We weren’t a part of it even after all the forcing but we were able to see what was going on and my, was it bad!

That picture is the most appropriate description of their ‘dance’ which also included throwing artificial colour powders on each other. In the picture atleast some of their movements can be somehow classified as dance, but calling the movements these people from my building were performing as so, would be a disgrace to actual dance.

Suffering through a headache and thinking that I’m gonna be deaf soon, we decided to go back home halfway. For the next two days, the entire scene became a nightmare to me. I have never witnessed something so bad to the eyes as well as the ears!

Then arrived the 10th and final day.  This is the day when the huge statues are dispersed. Normally the size people keep at homes can be carried by both your hands using all your energy, but these are 10 times bigger so you need to take them in trucks! The condition of the place is so bad, that they just declared a holiday for everyone! Now since the statue is big, the celebration is also big. 10 times the crackers, 10 times the shouting and screaming & 50 times the pollution. But that isn’t enough for these people. They started playing songs at the highest volume level ever made by man and I thought my windows were gonna break!

Finally all of this got over, and there cannot be anyone who’s happier than me. I regret wishing to be a part of all this noise and commotion. My suffering had just increased to another level. Now I have to get ready for more. I think its high time I buy noise – cancellation headphones!


2 thoughts on “A very traumatizing two weeks

  1. Now that you’re in India, lets hope your noise cancellation headphones come free with bullshit cancellation deoderant. You’re going to need it in those “trains”.

    Thank you for not only visiting, but also -following- my blog. If you liked what you saw, and I’m assuming you did; stay tuned 😀

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