Being Me

Apologies for being out of the blogging world for quite some time (not like it matters to anyone, but oh well). The most appropriate explanation I can give for my absence would be that my birthday was last Tuesday (24th September) and it was far better than I expected it to be. So I was caught up with the cakes, celebrations, wishes and also severe pain in my body because of the bumper cars I played with my friends.
Lets not get strayed away from the topic now shall we?

So on my birthday I received a lot of amazing wishes. Huge paragraphs dedicated just for me on Facebook and phone calls from across the sea, it was all something that I din’t readily believe. On the day when I read the messages around 10  times, I was just filled with excitement and happiness. On Wednesday when I was going through them again, I noticed something common in almost all of them. (No it wasn’t ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ ) Almost everyone wrote in the end that they want to be like me. Let me give you an example : ‘You have numerous  qualities that I desire to have.’

If I was receiving all this only on my birthday then I would have just considered it flattery and ignored it. But the fact is that it isn’t! Almost everytime my friends tell me how they want to be like me and possess all the qualities I have. One friend of mine also called me ‘Perfect’. Me and perfect? When did that happen?

When I read those messages, I couldn’t help but think why they feel so. I was thinking so hard but I couldn’t come up with valid reasons. When I asked a few friends they said some things. Lets go through them together now shall we?

1. ‘The most striking quality of yours is that you are so mature. Because of that you can handle all problems’ : I know that I’m more mature than most of the teens. But that doesn’t make my life simple. Moreover my problems are far more difficult. Everyone has problems in life and the problems that one goes through depends on your capability to handle them. Having my maturity level won’t help you in any way.
2. ‘You’re extremely good in academics’ : Is that even a quality? I just work hard. If you also work hard then even you can excel.
3. ‘You don’t have any typical girl issues. No crushes or boy problems’ : Doesn’t this make me weird actually? I do have celebrity crushes okay? And that counts. (I guess)

If these are the reasons you want to be me, let us now focus on the side-effects of being me :
1. You’ll be extremely emotional
2. You’ll get irritated by anything and everything
3. You’ll love to argue but when you argue for a long time then your eyes get watery and everyone thinks you’re crying.
4. No matter how much you eat, you will forever remain hungry and never put on weight even though its a necessity.
5. You’ll always help others, but when you need help most of them will disappear into thin air.
6. You won’t have many friends as you are socially-awkward.
7. You want a very hi-fi lifestyle.
8. Your expectations in a guy is nearly impossible to actually find in a normal human. You need to embrace the fact that you are gonna live your future with cats.

So you see, everything is not how you think it is. I do have positives but also a lot negatives. And that’s why I always show this expression whenever someone says something like ‘I want to be you’ to me.

Because, you never want to be me. Not even in your worst nightmares!!

So all of you, be yourself and enjoy being so. You should be happy in your own skin. Everyone has their own positives and negatives. No one is perfect, as in the end we all are human beings. As they say, you can’t judge a book by its cover, This saying doesn’t only apply to books you see?


4 thoughts on “Being Me

  1. Yup. I’m definitely convinced we’re clones. I’m socially-awkward too! Maybe I shouldn’t be saying that with an exclamation point…
    Oh well.
    *socially-awkward high five*
    And a very happy belated birthday 🙂

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