Why is the Internet absorbing me?

So I’ve spent the past few days questioning myself why do I spend so much time on the Internet. Its not like I don’t have any other work to do, I have loads. But when I sit infront of my laptop with the Internet on, I just can’t get up!

I’m pretty sure that you must have heard loads of teenagers complaining about this problem of theirs. Whenever I used to hear my friends tell me about this, I would’t believe it and always said one sentence. The sentence being – How is that even possible? But after I shifted to my native country India, I’ve found myself in the same position. So now I’ve decided to take measures to stop myself before its too late. The first step being to figure out what it is I exactly do while I’m on the Internet.

1. Facebook
So I’ve never been an ardent fan of Facebook. The only reason I joined this site was because it was a trend and also so that I could chat with my friends. But I never did any chatting with anyone because well, we met everyday in school. And during holidays, we’d be stuck on our phones talking to each other. Facebook was just a site where I added people I knew, and then did nothing about it. But you won’t believe how this site changed my life after I came back to India. It is only and only because of this social networking site that I’m still in contact with my best friends. I also got incredibly close to 2 awesome girls who were just friends before, and I re-connected with a long lost friend who happens to live right here! How cool is that?

2. Twitter
I hardly spend 10 minutes here. What I do is I stalk my friends and celebrities (the main one being Jesse McCartney). If there is something interesting going on, or I just feel frustrated then I tweet something that makes absolutely no sense. The best part of Twitter is that I can go on and on without anyone giving a damn about what I say! The best place to talk to myself, and not look like a retard.

3. Tumblr
So I was recently introduced to this site by a close friend of mine. I knew about it from quite some time, but I was reluctant to join because I din’t know what to do there! When she told me to just join first and that I’ll eventually understand, I signed up. And now when I log on to Tumblr, no one can tell me to sign out! Once I start, I’ll keep going through my dash and then there’s no coming out of it for me! It’s like I don’t even know that the log out button exists. It is only after joining the Tumblr world that I have started spending even more time on the Internet.

4. Youtube
Being the crazy music fan that I am, if I’m not active on any of the above sites then I’m definitely watching music videos or listening to music on Youtube (the songs that I haven’t downloaded I mean). Whenever I find out that there is a new song out by any of my favourite artists, I’m off to Youtube to find that song. I’ve become more dependent on Youtube for music after my local cable operator stopped showing the channel Vh1, which is the only channel for english music in India.
All was fine until I found out about some people making videos related to stuff and posting them here (Youtubers to be precise). I follow 2 Youtubers now and I think I have seen each and every video created by them. There are some more Youtubers that I’d like to start watching, but I know that once  start, I can’t stop!!

5. Watching my favourite shows online
Living in India, you can’t depend on your local TV channels to show the latest episodes of your favourite serials. What they normally do is when the current season gets over, they show the entire season on a daily basis to us. And sometimes, when the series is over. Like how they are showing One Tree Hill right now. Recently they have started picking their pace up and showing episodes of some shows just days after their telecast in the U.S. But the others, you have to wait. Instead of waiting for so long, I watch the latest episodes of my favourite shows that don’t come on my television set online whenever I can!

So when ever I’m bored, this is how you will find me

I’m always with my headphones on, listening to music and just ‘browsing’ the Internet, completely ignoring the real world. I’ve been so absorbed into the virtual world, that my life now revolves around it. Whether I’m happy, sad or angry this is where I turn my head to. So now I’m doing all that’s possible by me to reduce the amount I spend on the Internet. And well, my efforts are being successful right now and my time spent on the Internet is now quite less than my usual. Yaay!! 😀

Do you also find yourself in this situation quite often? What steps are you taking to stop this?


12 thoughts on “Why is the Internet absorbing me?

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  2. I so get it. I used to be on the internet all the time and wonder how the day went by. I’ve cut down so much now. That’s why I’m scared to go to Pinterest. You think you can get to the bottom of the page…..but there is no bottom!

    • Oh wow! That’s my case with Tumblr! Looks like I made a really wise decision by choosing not to join Pinterest. Well, maybe if my friends were on Pinterest then I’d be there….
      Oh well, another reason to love my friends.

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