Types of people you come across in train rides

To travel from one state to another, here people normally use trains rather than airplanes as it is much cheaper. And since we travel to far off distances, we spend a night in the train or maybe more. When one does spend so much time here, you are forced to be around people. And if one bears similarities to me, then they will start observing all these various people, judging them and classifying them in certain groups.
Well, I’ve just done that. So here it is!

1. The ‘I know everything’ people – These are the people who think they know how a train functions while in reality even though they travel a lot, they know nothing. Absolutely nothing. But they don’t seem to accept this fact, so they keep bugging fellow travelers with obvious facts. One such person told me, “Do you know that we will reach at 10 AM?” Everyone knows we will reach at that time, because our ticket says so. But this person was determined to show how stupid he is.

2. The party animals – These people are generally in groups and think that the entire train is their party station and now they will start partying. They’ll start playing songs out loud, talk loudly and even dance. If they play good songs then obviously no one would mind, but these songs are crappy and their dance is horrifying. And so the torture on us begins.

3. The lost one (This one is me) – Mostly these are the people who ride such kind of trains for the first time, which in turn means they don’t know anything. Everything is so new to them that they don’t know what to do. But this isn’t only the ones who go first. This could be your 50th train ride, but you still don’t know what goes where and what to do. You’re just….lost!

4. The athlete – This person can’t sit in one place and will keep jumping from one seat to another. Not the normal jump but the ‘high’ jump which means jumping over everyone’s heads. Yes, heads.  They can qualify for the Olympics if they want. But I guess they can’t because you can’t jump over people there.

Or maybe they can’t qualify because they jump like this?

5. The gadget freak – Obsession with gadgets is quite fine, but not to such a level that you need an entire seat just for it. This person carries all the gadgets known to mankind with them. Any gadget you know, they have it. They won’t sleep, because they are busy taking care of all the gadgets they have. Taking one out, using it for 10 minutes and then taking another one out of their huge bag to do the same is what they do the entire trip.

This is how they look like.
Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating. Ah well.

6. The story tellers – These are the people who have any sort of story ready with them. Do you want to hear a horror story? A love story perhaps? Maybe a story about travel? Then you know whom to go to. Any story you want. they will readily tell you. Well they’ll claim it to be a story about what you’ve asked, but it will just be about them in reality. Sorry guys.

7. The filmy kind – In Bollywood movies, most of the time a girl and a boy meet in such kind of trains and then they fall in love and all that crap. The person they meet is their ‘true love’ and then they’ll get married in the end of the movie and will live happily ever after. So here in this world, we have many people who love watching these hopeless romantic films and somehow feel that they will also meet their ‘soul mate’ in such kind of train ride. We know that this isn’t possible, but can someone explain to them that this doesn’t happen? Because every train ride of theirs is actually just an attempt to find their true love.

This is a still from a famous Bollywood movie, which started all this.

8. The ‘professional photographer’ –  Notice the single quotes in the title? Yeah well that’s because this person THINKS he is a professional photographer when in reality he doesn’t even know how to click a picture. I’m pretty sure of this because this person takes pictures of the train, the seats and tries to take a picture of the view outside but fails miserably. I even saw a person clicking a picture of a plastic wrap. What sense does taking photos of such absurd things make?

9. The lazy ass – This person will just lay down on the seat and do ……. nothing. They’ll just be lying their and in some cases be listening to music or maybe reading a book, but otherwise they’ll be idle. You will never see them walk around, or even sit up. They will just be, there. There is nothing you can do to make them get up. Nothing.

10. The over-packer – This person carries their entire house with them while travelling. Name anything and they will have it with them. A thousand toothbrushes, a map of the world, toys for babies (even if this person doesn’t even have a baby) and a guide on how to survive the apocalypse are just a few of the things they carry with them.

So there you go. This is how I classified the people I traveled with in those two rides. While some of them were fun to be around if I speak honestly, the others made my trip more uncomfortable and annoying.

Have you come across other types of people? Which one of these groups do you find yourself in?


6 thoughts on “Types of people you come across in train rides

  1. I like the lazy asses. They’re quite and they keep to themselves. I’m definitely the over-packer. You just never know what you might need, so I pack it all 😀
    Also, the Bollywood film that start all of this? I loved it. I even have a pair of glasses like Kajol’s in that scene.

    • I pretty sure you’re a sensible over-packer 😉 I strictly pack what I need. So if something unexpected is to come up, I’m not ready for it.
      I liked the movie actually. And that’s weird because I don’t like such movies generally. That’s so cool!

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