The tale of a boy named Azzo (Its fictional of course!)

I have a younger brother who is 9 years old and he is the source for my entertainment when he isn’t in a cranky mood (which is always). So when we aren’t after each other’s lives, we spend time together. Most of that time goes in him sharing a piece of his imagination with me. He has made a series of stories cleverly named ‘The Adventures Of Azzo’ and whenever his creative juices are flowing around his kind-of-non-existent brain, the stories are brought to life. What are these stories? Who is Azzo? What kind of name is that? I’m sure these are the questions roaming around freely in that brain of yours. Let us now learn about this in deeper detail as I clearly have no aim in life whatsoever and you are too bored because there is no other way you’d have reached this post. Or maybe being held a hostage somewhere……..

Who is Azzo?
Azzo is a now 12 year old boy who lives in a village that apparently has no name. He is the protagonist of the stories. He likes to take random walks in a forest nearby. Never fight with him as he’s armed. Armed how? Well he owns an AK-47 gun! A boy at the age of 8 owned a gun, that too a deadly one!! He is skilled in shooting cows, and repairing bridges. He’s the superstar of his village and a movie based on him is in the making.

What kind of name is this?
2 -3 years back is when this name is formed. And I’m responsible for this.
I was talking to my friend on the phone in my room one fine day. We were talking about someone and I said, “That asshole”. I din’t realize that my brother had managed to slip into my room and well, he heard me say it. He then innocently asked me, ‘What did you say right now?” I said, “Nothing, nothing. Go away now!” He said, “Who is Azzo?” I realized that he misheard me and thought I said Azzo instead of asshole. So I replied, “No one.” That very night he slept with me and asked me whether he can recite a story. I gave him the green signal and he started with this very sentence – Once upon a time in a faraway village lives a boy named Azzo. I was in utter shock. I asked him a hundred times what the name was and he said Azzo. Shocking isn’t it?

What are these stories? 
So basically these stories revolve around the protagonist Azzo who shoots cows because they attack him. These are special type of cows as they live in forests and jungles. He apparently is also over-weight because whenever he crosses a bridge on route on his way back home, the bridge breaks and he finds himself in a ditch. Not to worry, he has a rope with him too!!

I will now narrate the first story in the series. I’m obviously going to type it in the proper grammar it requires because I’m a Grammar Nazi and um, I’m not a 7 year old?
In a faraway land in a small village lives a boy named Azzo. He is the favourite of his family and the beloved one of his village. He likes to take walks in a forest nearby. He carries his AK-47 gun with him wherever  he goes because he is scared of animals and would like to shoot them in self-defense. So one day he goes for a walk to the forest and is attacked by a cow. Azzo now being scared shoots the cow and the cow dies. Azzo is happy and he goes back to his village. While he is walking he has to pass a bridge. While mid-way on the bridge, it breaks and Azzo finds himself in a ditch below. He’s scared but then he remembers that he has a rope with him. So he uses it to climb out of the ditch and then he returns home safely.

The sentences above were formed by my brother. That’s why its weird.

So in a nutshell, Azzo is an asshole like his name because he shoots cows who apparently live in ‘forests’!!
This is the official poster for the stories. Please do not re-use otherwise my brother’s sentiments would be hurt. He took a lot of time and put in a lot of effort to make this!!

If you’d like me to post more stories that my brother makes, please let me know. I shall post more then. If you din’t like this then this will be the post that I will regret forever……


The Bully-vard Of Broken Bones

If you are a regular reader of my posts then by now you will know that I have a 9 – year old brother. And this post is inspired by his struggles in my native country.

Yesterday evening when my mom and him came back from the playground situated right below my building, my brother looked upset and my mom was in an angry mood. When I inquired, she said that the children with whom he ‘plays’ told her that my brother swears a lot in my country’s national language – Hindi. They also told her that he curses and teases the children. I was shocked because I know he doesn’t even know one bad word, and now we have complaints that he abuses? Then went a long conversation between my mom, me and my brother. We needed to know if this was true.

My brother admitted to telling some words, but he never knew that they were bad. He heard the other children using them, and picked it up. He told it to them because he wanted to be accepted by them. He wanted to play with them.

These kids dominate the entire building. They are from the ages 9 – 12. You’d expect them to play with someone who obviously is the same age. But things don’t always turn out to be the way you expect them to be right?

My brother isn’t physically strong. He can’t run fast without tripping down and he still can’t jump. In short you can say he is weak. So the kids in the country where we both grew up took care of him in school. He had amazing friends who would guide him anywhere in school. His best friend was always regarded as his body-guard. They cared about him that much!

But the kids here have a totally different definition of care.

When we just came to the building they treated him well and played a lot with him. They loved him and cared a lot. We were really happy that he found good friends here too. But we jumped to conclusions too soon.
After 2 months of everyday play, one boy decided to turn the tables. I don’t know what was his problem.  Let’s name the boy XYZ here.
Whenever my brother would go to play they’d just ignore him. My brother would run behind them, and they can’t turn around and tell him to stop! Then one day we found out that XYZ and his partner beat my brother with a dirty broom that was just lying around. They told my brother not to tell my mom or else they’ll stop playing with him. Living in that fear, my  brother never opened up to my mom, dad or me! That broom caused him allergies. His entire body was red, and for two days he couldn’t go out.
Next day my mom and I shouted at those kids and especially XYZ. We gave him a final warning. The next day they played extremely well with him. We thought they learnt their lesson.

A month passed by, and everyone was happy. Until one day my brother started crying at home all of a sudden.

After a very rigorous interrogation and numerous attempts to break his loyalty towards his ‘friends’, my brother decided to open up. And what he said, left my mom and I in tears.

He said that XYZ would tell him to hide in a room. When my brother tried to get out, he and his friends would be pulling the doors so that he’d be trapped inside. Sometimes they pulled his pants, slapped him or made him trip down by putting their leg in the way while he was walking. And when he fell down, they wouldn’t let him up. Instead they’d stand on his pants so that standing isn’t easy for him. And after all these disastrous events, they’d tell him to shut his mouth about all this and never utter a word to my mom and I.
He was being bullied everyday and he kept quiet about it because he was scared.

My brother was weak infront of them. Their continuous fighting among themselves followed by a series of curse words to their own siblings, it was too much for anyone to control.

We told them to stop playing with my brother anymore, and told my brother the same. But my brother was so lonely here that in the end he ran behind them again.
Those kids gained a bit of sense and started playing with him properly. And they were always under my mom’s guidance. So my mom always monitors  every move of theirs.

Then came yesterday. My brother is also at fault here because he din’t need to repeat the words that they use. He’s extremely short – tempered and whenever he’s angry, he’ll start saying each and every word that comes to his mind and gets really hyper. But those kids are obviously at a greater fault here.

Now my brother swears he will never play with them and those kids also say that they never ever will play with him. I don’t want to hear anymore of these cases regarding bullying. I just hope that everything is back to normal till we shift from here. Then none of us have to face these kids ever again.

One thing is still confusing. If they never wanted to play with my brother, then why din’t they tell that directly to us? Why all this torture and made up stories?

These kids were at such an extent because their parents never took their actions seriously. They always say, ‘They are kids. They’re just having fun!’ Everyone in the building knows how bad they are, yet no one stands up to them. That’s why my brother is their first victim. After all this those kids have got severe shoutings by their parents and everyone else in the building. Hopefully they learnt their lesson now and no other kid will be a victim of bullying in this building.
If you yourself are either a victim of bullying or you know someone who is being bullied, stand up to it and defend them. You are not going to lose anything but you will gain respect from others. This needs to stop, and we all can do that. No one should feel the way my brother does. No one deserves that.